DEE is one of the technical departments of LECM responsible to provide technical service on revision and preparation of Macao Codes in civil engineering fi eld.

Wind load and seismic  load is one of the important  chapters in “Regulamento  de Segurança e Acções em  Estruturas de Edificios ePontes” (RSA). In 2008, DEE participated in the revision work of  the wind and seismic design chapters of RSA, under the cooperation  with the wind expert of University of Hong Kong and Seismic  expert of Guangdong Seismic Institiute ( 廣東省地震局 ).


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Drinking water quality relates to all people in Macau, and the quality  of water is specifi ed in one of the annexes in Regulamento de Aguas  e de Drenagem de Aguas Residuais de Macau (RADARM). DEE  participated in the revision of the annexes, under the cooperation of  water quality expert of Guangdong Institute of Health Inspection ( 廣東省衛生監督所 ).