The Macau Light-Rail Transit (LRT) Project is the most ambitious infrastructure project undertaken exclusively in Macau during the last decades. LECM has participated in this venture since its inception, and has followed the construction as the Quality Control Entity. Challenges to Quality Assurance in such a complex project are multiple. From the use for the first time of 100-year durability, to a tight construction schedule, daring design solutions, and multiple construction methodologies employed in the different LRT contracts, this imposed difficulties that were only countered by LECM’s team of dedicated and experienced engineers and staff.

LECM’s work focused on the civil engineering works for viaduct and stations and footbridges construction. Precast segmental construction was defined as the viaduct solution, with different methodologies being used for span construction, where segments were linked and jointed by use of post-tensioning. This implied increased effort in quality assurance in the fabrication of the segments, to guarantee the required quality, durability, and compliance with the especially tight geometric tolerances. The spans were supported by piers, resting on piled foundations.

The LRT project is a hallmark not only for the urban development of Macau, but also in Macau’s civil engineering industry. As always, LECM’s participation further contributed to innovations in the civil engineering practice and guaranteed a quality assurance service that best suited the project characteristics and the public interest at large.