NET-Center of Transportation Engineering

The Macau International Airport (MIA) is, until the present date,  the largest infrastructure project completed in Macau. LECM was  present throughout the entire project, since the design phase, during  the construction and operation period, acting as a consultant and  quality assurance entity for civil engineering related works. The  experience gathered during the design and construction phases was  compiled in the “Macau International Airport Technical Handbook”,  a work prepared for the Macau Civil Aviation Authority (AACM)  and coordinated by the Head of the LECM Coordination and  Technical Support Department (CA).

Apart from all the quality assurance work (quality control tests  of construction materials and processes) performed during the  construction of the airport, several specialized studies have been  performed, of which one might highlight the theoretical and physical  modeling of the coastal protection structure of the Artifi cial Island,  hydraulic studies of the area around the MIA, PCI and ACN/PCN  evaluation of the MIA pavements and structural evaluation of the  Passenger Terminal Building. 

Monitoring works have been performed since the start of operations, thus including:

• Periodic topographic survey of all civil infrastructure

• Coastal protection structures

• MIA pavements

The work performed in the past, and specifically the one regarding  the MIA pavements, the most valuable asset of any airport, has led  to increased responsibilities in what concerns the technical planning  for the future strengthening of the MIA runway, as well as to an  increased frequency in pavement monitoring - ACN/PCN evaluation  and PCI evaluation – which implies the use of technology such as  ground penetration radar (GPR) and falling weight deflectometer  (FWD). 

LECM is involved in all projects that take place in MIA, always  acting as a consultant and quality control. LECM’s involvement  starts in the planning and tender phases, providing technical  assistance to clients. 

LECM’s involvement has increased throughout the years, and in  order to provide an adequate response capability to the client’s  demands, a new center was created in May 2012 – Center of  Transportation Engineering (NET) – which focuses on transportation  infrastructure, most specifically in the Macau International Airport. 


Macau International Airport Runway Inspection


Monitoring Works for Coastal Protection Structure of MIA


Evaluation of the Apron Pavement 


Macau International Airport VIP building


Structural Evaluation of Pavement using Falling Weight Defl ectometer

Structural Pathway.jpg

Passenger Terminal Building Refurbishment Works


Upgrade of Baggage Handling System


MIA New Passenger Boarding Bridges


MIA New Cargo Building

Taxiway Bridge Study.jpg

Numerical Analysis for Taxiway Bridge


Macau Heliport