CI-Center of Informatics

CI provides IT services to LECM departments and centers to aid in the effective delivery of IT services that support the business needs of LECM.


The main services include: 

To provide software system development, computer network services, automatic monitoring system support to LECM departments and centers.


Software Development

    Based on the requirement of departments and testing center, CI has developed many applications to make the work of staff more efficient, effective and accurate. Such as Inventory database system, DMC test database system, electronic document system, Personnel and equipment information system, Project event database and Water Leakage Inspection System


Computer Network Management

LECM computer network is a 1Gbps network infrastructure.  The network consists of servers, routers, firewalls, switches,  workstations, desktops, printers and scanners. LECM provides a  WIFI system for the guest and staff accessing the internet. 

CI is responsible for the support, management and development of the computer network. 


Support for automatic monitoring syste

LECM provides monitoring services of facilities to the Macau  society, such as slopes, bridges, airport and buildings. CI provides  the necessary technical supports to the department who carry out the  monitoring services. The technical supports include programming,  set up and testing of the monitoring equipment.