NMT-Center of Metrology

In order to assure the traceability of measurement to SI unit and  national standard for various testing center of LECM to eventually  guarantee the accuracy of the testing service, the Center of  Metrology (NMT) was established in 1999 to provide calibration  service of testing equipment. Besides, when technically possible,  NMT also provides equipment calibration service for the public  entities aiming to assist enhancing the quality of their product or  service. 

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Introduction of NMT’s services

Introduction of NMT

According to the most common requirement worldwide, NMT  provides equipment calibration service in the field of mass,  dimensional, pressure, force and temperature. NMT was being  accredited internationally on 2000. Besides meeting the requirement  of strict environmental condition control, like temperature and  relative humidity, NMT possesses a series of high accuracy  equipment which are traceable to primary standard, with  professional trained staff. The accredited calibration certificate  issued by NMT is according to the requirement of the international  standard ISO/IEC 17025, which includes the uncertainty of  calibration. 

Calibration of balance_看图王.jpg

Calibration of balance

Calibration of testing sieve.JPG

Calibration of testing sieve

calibration of load ring.JPG

Calibration of load ring

Calibration of pressure transducer.JPG

Calibration of pressure transducer

Calibration of pressure gauge.JPG

Calibration of pressure gauge

Calibration of thermometer.JPG

Calibration of thermometer

Calibration of dial gauge.png

Calibration of dial gauge

Calibration of calliper_看图王.jpg

Calibration of caliper

Calibration of micrometer_看图王.jpg

Calibration of micrometer

Calibration of clinometer.JPG

Calibration of clinometer

Calibration of force testing machine.JPG

Calibration of force testing machine

Calibration of hydraulic jack.JPG

Calibration of hydraulic jack

Calibration of sphygmomanometer.JPG

Calibration of sphygmomanometer 

Calibration of thermocouple.png

Calibration of thermocouple

Calibration of airport luggage weighing scale.JPG

Calibration of airport luggage weighing scale

Calibration of balance in market


Looking to the future, NMT will put her effort on developing  various type of calibration in different aspect, expecting to assist  setting up the metrology standard to ensure the accuracy of the  corresponding tests. Besides, NMT will continue to develop the  calibration service relating to daily life, such as the inspection of the  balance in market, luggage weighing system in airport, and certain  clinical equipment (e.g. sphygmomanometer, clinical thermometer),  aiming the resident could enjoy a fair, just and safety service.