Goods and service providers are invited to join the list of suppliers 


1543474730503245.jpg Application form for registration in the suppliers record of LECM

Complete this form in details and send it together with the latest copy of Sale Tax (form M8) & related documents of your chosen business type to : Laboratorio de Engenharia Civil de Macau

Address : Av. Wai Long no.185, Taipa , Macau

Can be send by e-mail : or Fax (853) 8294 4848

Contact Person : Lei Io Man (853) 8294 4413

Adm.: Miss Lam (853) 8294 4400

Notice : Please kindly check from our website the accepted list within 30 days after delivery of the application form.

The invited supplier refusing to quote the price without adequate reason for over 2 times will be removed from our suppliers list in that financial year. If a supplier intends to offer quotation to LECM in future, he has to re-apply at the time when LECM invites for application by advertising in the newspaper.