CA-Coordination and Technical Support

LECM’s existence for the last 25 years has had a profound and lasting impact and continues to do so in the quality and changes in the wellbeing of the citizens of Macau and its global development.

Regarding the external connections it is to be noted that a job (engineering works) involves the owner (client) the designer, sometimes a consultant, the quality control and adviser, a supervisor and a contractor (or contractors). LECM’s overall activity involves technical advice, elaboration of codes and standards, quality control manual, acceptance and reception procedures, testing and interpretation of tests, research, technical and scientifi c seminars and conferences, meetings, publication etc.

The department for Coordination and Technical Support (Coordenação e Assessoria) - CA plays an important role and is predominantly involved in coordination and quality control of large scale projects in terms of its magnitude, importance, complexity and cost. 

This department has an overall staff of 36 personnel (18 engineers and senior technicians), constituting one central group and 2 centers.

Besides the responsibility for the overall activities of LECM, this department – CA, engages in projects for the government of the Special Administrative Region of Macau.

The main Clients are:

GDI – Infrastructure Development Office

GIT – Transportation Infrastructure Office

DSSOPT – Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau

AACM – Civil Aviation Authority of Macao

CAM – Macau International Airport Co. Ltd.

CGPM – Macau Grand Prix Organizing Committee

CA provides technical advice, quality control services, testing, inspections, approval of materials, follow up and advice on construction works, elaboration of reports, analysis and interpretation, throughout the projects and beyond. In synthesis CA follows the public works in the following phases: feasibility studies, compliance of construction codes of Macau, quality assurance of construction, approval of materials, monitoring during and after construction, technical consulting, and improvement. All this work is coordinated by a team of coordinators incharge for the works, based however on the tests and informations of the other specialized departments of LECM. The work in LECM is not individual but a team work.

From the vast number of projects it is important to highlight some significant and imposing works in civil engineering achieved here in Macau, such as the entry and exit points of Macau - the Macau International Airport, Jet Foil Terminal-Macau, New Macau Border Gate, Cotai Immigration Building, Lotus Bridge, Immigration Building-Taipa New Jetfoil Terminal-Taipa, the hallmark-world heritage, Ruins of Saint Paul, links between Macau-Taipa-Coloane the Friendship Bridge, Sai Van Bridge, extension of causeway between Taipa and Coloane, Macau Dome, Macau Tower, Macau Science Center, Praça Ferreira de Amaral, Nam Van Lake, Macau Cultural Center, Light Railway and major Road Works among others.

LECM has been a living witness of the changes in Macau’s construction scenario, its skyline and the geographical changes from the mega reclamations in areas which has seen important infrastructure, urbanization and development. 

Reclamations zones for the Macau International Airport, Pac On Reclamation for Immigration Building , ZAPE, NAPE, Areia Preta, Barra, Macau Dome area, are a few among “Cotai reclamation” - once a marshy land with narrow causeway, to an important turningpoint in the tourist map of Macau, and in Macau’s financial and economic growth. 

From a marshy land to one of the most amusing and exuberating place on earth, it holds world class hotels and resorts attracting millions of international tourists.

The department for Coordination and Technical Support (Coordenação e Assessoria) also has a topographic center, equipped with modern and high-tech state of the art technologies. A comprehensive Macau Geological Database is processed and maintained on a continuous basis by this department. 

Another center in CA is Center of Transportation Engineering, which focuses on transportation infrastructure, particularly the projects of the Macau International Airport. It is involved in all construction projects in MIA, acting as a consultant and quality control in civil engineering.